Harvest Keeper

Harvest Keeper Vacuum Sealer Commercial Grade1 unitHarvest Keeper® Vacuum Sealer Commercial Grade is a premium heavy duty vacuum sealer. The Harvest Keeper® Vacuum Sealer is constructed from durable stainless steel material and features a digital display board for adjusting settings. Incorporated in the design is preset function control options which allows you to choose seal time, vacuum level and marinade mode making this unit the most versatile sealer in its class. This unit is fully automatic. Once your settings are selected press the "start" button and let the machine do the work. The Harvest Keeper® Vacuum Sealer allows you to control the seal time of your bags between a 5-8 second range. Sealing time depends on the thickness of bags and the material-type of the bag. Choosing the degree of vacuum you want to use has never been easier, simply select high, medium or low. Accommodates up to 15 inch wide bags or rolls.383370972
Harvest Keeper Glass Storage Jar w/ Metal Clamp Lid16 oz

24 oz

32 oz

48 oz

105 oz
Harvest Keeper® Glass Jars with Metal Clamp Lid are a vintage looking storage solution for: Herbs, dried fruits and vegetables, spices, cereals, grains, nuts, seeds, pasta, coffee and hundreds of other items! These metal clamp lid jars deliver freshness with an air-tight seal. The metal clamp closure with a gasket provides a strong secure seal with an added touch of charm. Note: Jars do not provide a liquid tight seal. Hand wash only.383459004
Harvest Keeper Heavy Duty Multi-Use Storage Bag - 1 mil 18 in x 20 in1o/box

Harvest Keeper® Heavy Duty Multi-Use Storage Bags are the thickest and most durable bags on the market today. With a 1 mil thickness, these bags are puncture free, provide a strong odor barrier and will preserve your favorite foods natural flavors and color. The storage bags measure 18 in x 20 in and are manufactured for multiple uses. These bags can handle the heat which makes them great for use with ovens, microwaves, pans and slow cookers up to 400°F. They can also be used in refrigerators and freezers. Proudly made in the USA.383370916