Ideal H2O RO 100/200 Booster Pump1 unitThe Ideal H2O RO™ 100/200 Booster pump is designed to increase the inlet pressure of your water source. By setting this up before your RO unit, a low pressure water source has an increased flow rate and much better water cleansing efficiency. Two 3/8 in Quick Connect fittings are preinstalled for quick operation.393340119
Ideal H2O Inline Garden Hose Filter w/ Catalytic Carbon1 unitThe Ideal H2O™ Inline Garden Hose provides filtered water for your home and garden. This inline garden hose filter will reduce chlorine, chloramines and other harmful VOC's from your water supply. While other inline filters use standard GAC and KDF media for filtration, the Ideal H2O™ Inline water filter utilizes an advanced catalytic carbon, which provides up to 400% more capacity for chlorine and chloramine than standard GAC filters. Garden hose adapter included. 8000 gallon filter life span.384458474
Ideal H2O Professional Series Chemical Injection System - Tank and Pump1 unitThe Ideal H2O™ Chemical Injection System includes a 30 Gallon Reservoir with a 4 GPD Peristaltic pump. The included peristaltic pump is self- priming and has an electronic timer module to accurately flow 4 gallons per day. This system is ideal for use with the Ideal H20™ Antiscalant Chemical, drastically reducing the source water's hardness before entering your RO system.393340123